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Kaikohe Business Association Event - Invigorating Business In Kaikohe


The Kaikohe Business Association is leading an initiative to make Kaikohe a great place for businesses.   The association has a vision to make Kaikohe safer, grow its business opportunities, and attract people to visit and do business.  Association chair Linda Bracken says the Association is pleased to invite businesses to participate in a Business Association initiated event on July 25th.


  Down Town Kaikohe


Kaikohe is an excellent place for business, in a strategic location, with low-cost properties and labour available. Nearby the exciting development of the Innovation and Enterprise Park is under way.


If you wish to visit the Enterprise Park and/or attend the Business Association event then please register on the Business Association Facebook page.


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Innovation and Enterprise Park


The Innovation and Enterprise Park is a recent development on a 240Ha green fields site near Kaikohe.



It’s a multi-staged development; stage 1 is currently  under construction.  Once complete the Park is expected to create 200 full time jobs.  Stage 1 will create a Horticulture Hub, an Innovation Hub, include training facilities and much more.


The stage1 horticulture hub will consist of 10Ha of horticulture production under polytunnels with a fertigation shed and packhouse, as well as a culinary oil manufacturing enterprise.  


The Innovation Hub will eventually be providing value-added manufacturing, education and training, along with business incubation and collaboration.  Stage 1 comprises of an education campus for two initial training providers, platforms for manufacturing premises, and the already completed Innovation Centre building.


On Monday the 25th July, as part of the Business Association event there will be a free bus tour of the Innovation Park.  This is a not-to-be-missed tour, so, if you wish to attend and are a local organisation, please register by going to Business Association event details.


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